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She’s my island, She’s one in a million
We’re two peas in a pod, She lets me love her
She gives me everything, without saying a word
The northern lights don’t shine as bright as her

I will never be her first, but what we found
we saved the best till last now.
Living life like we’ve always been here
Our memories will last forever

She’s my Island, my fighting spirit
She is stronger than she will ever know
She carries the weight, of this crazy world
Lifts it off my shoulders, into her loving arms

Every morning I wake to find, her eyes staring back into mine
Those 3 words she softly speaks, the only medication, I need

Its been a long time coming, It's been a long time coming
But I'm gonna be there, yeah (repeat)

She’s the only one, for me,
And I knew the day I met her, she would be,
the woman who completes me.
We make our dreams come true together
We share the rough and smooth, whatever comes our way,
we face it head on, We’re so damn strong...

Repeat Chorus 1

No those northern lights don't shine as bright as her