From the outset and the flourish of a Hammond organ, ‘Feels Like Home’ breaths the scent of summer. It conjures up those images of late night camp fires, freshly cut harvests and perhaps even a glass of chilled white, but delivers all of this in a way that is bold and uncompromising.
The track takes us through a cleverly constructed lyrical journey about companionship and its importance over material things which brings to mind an ‘All You Need Is Love’-esque rhetoric for the 21st century.
The melodic arrangement under which the lyrics float is uplifting and sounds almost like it has been moulded to help carry our woes away. Decorated throughout with riffs from piano and steel guitar, Chloë has adopted an innovative range of instrumental ideas to create this halcyon vibe.
To use a lyrical hook from this wonderful offering, have a listen and I guarantee; you certainly will “feel better”.